Sign Antique Old

Age > Muromachi

  • (ba-21) Old Long Blade 75.5cm (29.7inch) Nagahiro Sign With Nbthk Judgment Paper
  • (ax-3) Old Muromachi Beautiful Blade Seki Kanefusa Sign With Judgment Paper
  • (al-57) Old Blade Yoshinaga Sign Mino Senjyuuin With Nbthk Judgment Paper
  • (ag-82) Famous Old Name Norimitu Bunmei Age Sign With Koshirae Muromachi
  • (it-36) Old Blade Tachi Morimitu Sign With New Nbthk Judgment Paper Muromachi
  • (ir-80) Old Yari Blade 22cm (8.66inch) Bi Sign Muromachi